Here are a few reference photographers and painters that inspire me:

Alexandre Deschaumes :

His ethereal style leads you to imaginary paths. He taught me a lot of what I know today in landscape photography and I owe him a lot. A true inspiration...

Xavier Jamonet :

I got to know Xavier in one of his workshops (with Alexandre Deschaumes) and I admire his sense of composition and light.

Artur Stanisz :

Artur is a true master. He gained worldwide recognition for his epic photography. I like his honest style

Ted Gore :

Andrew Waddington:

I discovered Andrew on Facebook. He leaves in Patagonia and know the area like

Julian Calverley :

I discovered Julian in a specialised magazine. He is the living proof that you don't need the best cameras to take artistic pictures, as he is sometimes using his Iphone and earned international recognition for it.

Mark Littlejohn :

Olivier Grunewald :

Kah Kit Woong :